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Setup Huawei Smartloggger 3000 and FusionSolar Portal


Before your Start

Generic Info
  • The Logger can we connected via LAN cable and Laptop or by using FusionSolar App and WLAN Hotspot
Connect via FusionSolar App
  • The WLAN Hotspot SSID is Logger_SN and the initial password is Changeme.
  • The initial passwords of installer and user are both 00000a for the FusionSolar app
Direct Connect via CAT Cable and Laptop
  • Always use https as protocol prefix
  • Note: Whenever you change the Logger IP Adress you need to change the IP-Address and Gateway Address of your direct connected Device [Laptop ] too
  • Initial Access to internal Enspire WebServer: URL User: admin Password: Changeme
  • To run in a Fritzbox Guest Network IP will be changed to:
  • Initial Login to Smartlogger 3000 using Web-GUI and Setup Wired Network

    Connect your Laptop to the Smrtlogger WAN Port
    Webserver URL
    Protocol https
    Account: admin
    Initial Password: Changeme
    Setup IP Laptop to : Connect your Laptop to the WAN Port
    Image fritz_img20.jpg NOT Found

    Image fritz_img22.jpg NOT Found

    Router/Gateway IP
    Validate router IP/Gateway IP: The Fritzbox router is runnung on
    Image fritz_img40.jpg NOT Found
    Wired Communiction Network Parameters
    IP Adress
    Subnet Mask
    Default Gateway
    Primary DNS Server
    Secondary DNS Server
    Setup Wired Network Validate Management System Connection Parameters
    Image fritz_img32.jpg NOT Found

    Image fritz_img31.jpg NOT Found

    Expected LED Status for RUN indicator after Networking setup
    • After connecting your SmartLogger to the Management system RUN LED should blinking slowly – on for 1 s and then off for 1s
    • This indicates the communication between the SmartLogger and the management system is normal.
    Login to Smartlogger WEBGUI after connection the Smart-Logger to the Internet
    Webserver URL
    Protocol https
    Account: admin
    New Password: xxxxx
    Ignore HTTPS Warning Follow Link Login using New Password
    Image fusion_img10.jpg NOT Found Image fusion_img11.jpg NOT Found Image fusion_img12.jpg NOT Found
    Validate Management System Connection Status
    NMS connection status should be : connected
    Image fusion_img13.jpg NOT Found
    Active Power Control / Power Reduction [Wirkleistungs-Reduzierung]
    Power Reduction Setup
    Image SmartLogger_img41.jpg NOT Found
    Review Active Alarms [ Red ALAM LED from Smartlogger 3000 is blinking ]
    Power Reduction Setup
    Image SmartLogger_img40.jpg NOT Found
    Review Smartlogger 3000 Error Log Entries
    Power Reduction Setup
    Image SmartLogger_img42.jpg NOT Found

    Create FusionSolar Installer Account

    FusionSolar URL https://eu5.fusionsolar.huawei.com
    Initial Login Page Create an Installer Account

    Image fusion_img1.jpg NOT Found

    Image fusion_img2.jpg NOT Found

    Add a new Plant
    FusionSolar URL https://eu5.fusionsolar.huawei.com
    Provide New Plant Details Add Smartlogger 3000 SN Monitor System [ Note: WR Huwawei 60KTL not yet installed ]

    Image fusion_img30.jpg NOT Found

    Image fusion_img31.jpg NOT Found Image fusion_img32.jpg NOT Found

    Fritz Repeater 1200 Setup

    • If needed Run a factory reset for Fritz Repeater 1200 by pressing the RED Button about 10-15 seconds
    • After factory Reset the Repeater will open a WLAN Hotspot named: Fritz!Repeater 120
    • Connect to this WLAN Hotspot to configure the Repeater
    Check your WLAN Connection Connect to the Fritz!Repeater 1200 WLAN Start Browser on your Laptop
    Repeater Setup is started automatically
    Image fritz_img10.jpg NOT Found Image fritz_img11.jpg NOT Found http://fritz.repeater

    Image fritz_img12.jpg NOT Found

    Create a WLAN Bridge Select your FritzBox Provide the correct FritzBox SSID
    Image fritz_img13.jpg NOT Found Image fritz_img14.jpg NOT Found Image fritz_img15.jpg NOT Found
    Finally activate the Repeater
    Image fritz_img16.jpg NOT Found



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