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Setup Huawei Smartloggger 1000 and NetEco Portal


Initial Setup

Settings and Passwords

Smartlogger 1000 Password for Initial Login direkt an Logger 000001
Smartlogger 1000 Password for Initial Login via WEBServer/GUI am Laptop Changeme
German NetEco ServerIP Address
German NetEco GUI Login
NetEco Paramter set in SmartLogger 1000 to transfer Data — PortNumber: 16100
DHCP Support SmartLogger 1000 yes – the dynamic DHCP address used in the sample is :
Connect to local Webserver yes – by using https — Sample:
Telekom DSL Router Speedport W 724 V
Telekom DSL Router IP Address
Email Adress from German Huawei Support de_inverter_support@huawei.com

Step1: Verify DHCP Connectivity of our Local Network using a Laptop

  • Connect a Laptop/Smartphone to the Local Network either via WLAN or LAN
  • On Windows use ipconfig to get the Gateway/Network IP of our router [ for Speedport W 724 V / for Speedport LTE II

Image neteco1.jpg NOT Found

  • Our Laptop got assigned an IP Address – -> DHCP works
  • The router address is
  • Use a Broser and connect to and display the

Step 2: Initial Login to the SmartLogger 1000

  • Initial Password: 000001
  • User: Erweiterter User ( Advanced User )

Image smartlogger1_neteco2.jpg NOT Found

Step 3: Setup SmartLogger 1000 for NetEco Portal and allow local Network Access a

  • Enable DHCP by setting Auto Obtain IP from Disable to Enable

Image neteco3.jpg NOT Found

  • Set the German NetEcpo Server IP :
  • Don’t change portnumber !

Image neteco4.jpg NOT Found

  • Verify IP settings : Logger DHCP IP Address
  • Verify IP settings : Gateway/DNS IP
  • Note: IP Adresss, Gateway and DNS should be set by the DHCP Server
  • This will happen automatically if Auto Obtain IP Address is set to: Enable

Image neteco5.jpg NOT Found

Optional Step 4: Verify your IP Address by login into Router

  • Verify IP settings : Login to your Router and verify DHCP settings. For Telekom Router Speedport W724V use: IP
  • Verify IP settings : Gateway/DNS IP
  • mylaptop is our Laptopn connected via WLAN
  • PC 192-168-2-113 is the smartlogger connected via Lan b< using a DHCP address

Image neteco6.jpg NOT Found

Step 5: Zugriff an den localen WEB Server des SmartLogger 1000

  • Note: To overcome a potential Chrome Security Exception using https protocol simply select the “Advanced” link, then choose “Proceed to <link > (unsafe)

Image neteco_browser-error.jpg NOT Found

  • Erster Login über das https Protocol mit der zuvor bestimmten DHCP Addresse. Beispiel:
  • Benutzer: Erweiterter User
  • Das Default Password for das WEB GUI des Smartlogger 1000 ist: Changeme

Image neteco7.jpg NOT Found

  • Initial Page after Login to the SmartLogger 1000 Local Webserver

Image neteco8.jpg NOT Found

Step 6: Get Login credentials for NetEco Portal

  • Send an email to requesting a NetEco Account from Huawei : de_inverter_support@huawei.com
  • You need to provide the following Details Anlagen-Name / Portal-User / Smarlogger 1000 Seriennummer
  • Login into NetEco Portal using following URL:
  • To overcome a potential Chrome Security Exception simply choose the “Advanced” link, then choose “Proceed to <link > (unsafe)

Image neteco9.jpg NOT Found

Step 7: First Login into NetEco Portal

  • Top Level Page after login to the NetEco Portal

Image neteco10.jpg NOT Found

Step 8: Setup FRE

Image neteco14NEW.jpg NOT Found

Monitoring Inverter Performance

Image neteco10.jpg NOT Found

Compare Inverter Performance

Image neteco11.jpg NOT Found

  • The Green and Blue INVERTER should have the same AC Power
  • Lets compare each String more in Detail
Diagram showing that both Strings perform WELL ! Compare 2 Strings from 2 different Inverters
Image neteco12..jpg NOT Found
  • The orange and the blue Diagram for String PV3 of both Inverters are in sync
  • The max current of both Strings is about 4.5 Amperes
Diagram showing a REAL String Problem Compare 2 Strings from 2 different Inverters
Image neteco13..jpg NOT Found
  • The orange and the blue String PV4 Diagram of both Inverters are NOT in sync
  • The related String PV4 of the blue Innverter shows an elektr. current of 0 Amperes for the whole DAY
  • This needs to fixed asap !

Ein neues System zum NETECO Portal hinzufügen

Unter Photovaltail-System-Übersicht den blauen Button mit Label PV-Anlagen erstellen drücken

Image NETECO_Setup2.jpg NOT Found

List Elemente ausfüllern und die Smartlogger 1000 Serien-Number eingeben

  • Beachte: Eine reale Smartlogger 1000 Serien-Number ist deutlich länger !

Image NETECO_Setup.jpg.jpg NOT Found


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